Building Regulations Approval is generally always required (unless the project is a detached non-habitable outbuilding under a certain area or a porch with seperating doors). We will produce all the required drawings and supporting info, which you can review, alter or approve as required prior to submission. We will act as agents on your behalf by carrying out the submission directly (unless you choose to do this yourself). In either case our fees include any amendments requested by building control during this process. With approved building regulations drawings you are 90% more likely to attract a builder and accurate quotes.

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Barn Conversions - From £795.00 Multi-category / New Builds - From £895.00

(Building Control fees vary from council to council)



Sometimes additional documentation is required to support the Building Regulations drawings. If required we will also include:


Building Control may take a week to vailidate a submission. After this approval can take up to 6 weeks. However, once Building Regs approval has been granted your project can then go ahead. Builders can use our drawings to provide accurate quotes and to build from. That is where our involvement ends, although Building Control will still be in touch with you regarding site inspections (fees payable to them).


The Building Regulations (often called Building Regs) are a vast set of approved documents that ensure buildings and infrastructure are constructed to the correct set of standards for our safety and wellbeing. To name but a few they cover structure, fire safety, sound transmission, ventilation and drainage. Building regulations approval is required for most building work in the UK. The governing body that ensures this building work is carried out to the correct regulations is called Building Control. Your Local Planning Authority will have a Building Control department, although private sector ones are available.

After planning approval, or if under permitted development, this stage involves submitting a full set of detailed construction drawings, structural calculations (if required), the relevant paperwork and their fee to Building Control. The drawings will typically show foundations, floor and wall construction, roof details, insulation etc. These are also in essence the drawings that your builder will use to both price from and construct your project.


Gone ahead with unauthorised structural work and are now trying to sell your property? This is where you can submit a retrospective Building Regulations application, otherwsie called Regularisation. Building Control will charge a fee and may need to expose some of the work done to check that it is adequate.